Monday, February 20, 2012

Beachcomber Bracelet

Several weeks ago I took a class for this bracelet.  As you look at it, you will see how the name Beachcomber originated.  I used shells, shell pieces, gold mermaid and dolphin, fishes of different colors and other various beads, to include seed beeds.  It requires the use of both wire and thread and needle.   There was a wide selection of beachy things that I was able to choose from for the beachy embellishments.  It only took me about two hours to make the bracelet.  Of course, this was the second time I made it because originally it was too big for my arm.  I have a hard time getting bracelet sizes just right!  I plan on making another one this weekend using diifferent colors and beads. No two would ever be alike.    

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun with Freeform Peyote!

Peyote is a wonderful old Indian stitch that you can do lots of things (variations) with.  I took a class this weekend on freeform peyote.  Unlike even count or diaganol peyote, you can do anything with freeform and there is no rights and no wrongs.

I made this bracelet in class.  I used a focal bead with colors of aquamarine, green, goldish, brownish colors.  That opened the door to choosing the colors I wanted the rest of the bracelet to be. One really good thing about freeform peyote is that it gives you an opportunity to use up beads left over from other projects. This one is for my daughter, Wendy.  I hope all of you like it!  I know that I plan to start another one when I get home tonight for myself using different colors!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fun with metal

I recently took a class in introduction to metal work.  I got to play with FIRE!  It was an awesome experience and I had such great fun.  I made this pendant from a piece of metal.  Using a propane tank (since map gas is being recalled), I heated the piece until it was super red and then was able to manipulate moving it.  I more or less crimped it in the middle.  I then punched various holes into it for deco and other purposes. After that I added a liquid base to the piece and used special dry paint to give it so some colors. After each color was added, the piece was heated again. I used three different colors.  The ending piece has the same texture and quality of glass. I love the piece.  It is just so fun to wear and was fun, fun, fun to make!